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Chassis updates

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Classictrial TLR Honda modified steering head.

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Twinshock trials machines in standard form very often have steering geometry and footrest position, that is quite unsuitable for conditions in modern day competition events. Contrary to popular belief there is no real need to pay through the nose for costly chrom-moly aftermarket chassis kits, in order to improve things tremendously………. especially on machines like Fantic and TLR Honda, which handle reasonably well in stock form anyway.

From an engineering perspective making changes to mild steel motorcycle frames, is perfectly acceptable, but there seems to be little understanding of the fact that this work must be carried out with a great degree of accuracy, and if its not then negative rather than positive changes to the handling of a bike may well be the result. Here at Classictrial we have a specially made alignment jig, which is used to make alterations to steering angles, that uses a laser to ensure everything is spot on before and after modifications are carried out.

We can carry out alterations to nearly all twinshock machines, and would be pleased to advise on any changes or updates you have in mind. However please remember that the greatest benefits provided by these changes, will only be realised if close attention is paid to areas such as suspension, and handling on a stock or modified machine will always be compromised by poorly set up suspension, using worn out or cheap poor quality rear units.

In relation to Honda TLR and Fantic we can offer special pricing on a GRP fuel tank, if it is bought at the same time we are carrying out chassis update work. Frames and ancillary’s can be powder coated after modification, and return shipping within the UK costs around £20. Please contact us direct with your exact requirements, and if we are able to assist then we will be pleased to provide an accurate idea of cost.  

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Phil Wiffen’s 08 Traditional series Fantic 300 chassis.

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