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OKO carb kits for Spanish bikes

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OKO carb fitted to 340 Bultaco.

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We are now in a position to offer OKO flat slide carb kits for most Spanish machines. These come ready jetted for specific applications, and are supplied with everything required to fit to all of the more common bikes.

These kits replace either the Bing carbs, fitted to later Bultaco’s, Amal Mk2 Concentrics fitted to Montesa, and we can also supply special adaptors to enable fitment to most earlier bikes equipped with flange mount Amal Mk1 Concentrics.

Fitting an OKO to any Spanish bike that still has the very poor and often badly worn OE carburetion fitted, does make a tremendous difference to these machines, and results in a bike that is smoother, more powerful, and much easier to ride in serious competition.

Please contact us direct for more information on these carb kits, which have already helped Phil Wiffen to win the 08 British Twinshock championship, and really do need to be seriously considered by anyone that has a Spanish machine, and who is looking for improved performance.  

Finally we would remind anyone interested in a replacement carb, that while running will be improved noticeably in nearly every instance, that a new carb will not improve the running of a machine which has problems not directly to do with poor and often badly worn OE carburetion. We can advise on this, but would ask that anyone with problems in these areas contacts us by phone, rather than email.

Setting up a OKO carburettor

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