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Monoshock to twinshock conversions

It is now becoming extremely difficult to find good condition twinshock trials machine, and while collectors bikes such as the RS Honda are still relatively easy to locate, the prices being asked are very high indeed.

This being the case we have decided to offer to convert suitable air-cooled monoshock machines to twinshock, which while not being allowed in ACU “Traditional” series events, are perfectly ok just about everywhere else.

We will be carrying out all conversion work to a very high standard, and can at the same time make alterations to steering angle, and changes to footrest position, and upgrade engine performance if required.

The Yamaha TY Mono forms the ideal basis for this conversion, and is a machine that has very good spares availability and is extremely reliable. But the fact that very good examples of these bikes can still be found for under £1000, makes a converted TY a very attractive choice.

Fantic mono-shocks are also still pretty easy to find, and make very capable twinshocks after being properly converted. However its important to find a bike which is good mechanically, in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Please contact us direct for more information, related to work required on your particular monoshock machine.

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