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2010 high performance Classictrial tanks

New for 2010 and in response to customer concern over failures of “budget” type composite fuel tanks, which are being used with high ethanol fuels, we will now be producing all of our GRP tanks using a high end vinyl ester resin system. This resin has a very limited shelf life and is only generally available in 205kg quantities, and this linked to the fact that cost is higher than far less chemically resistant alternatives, means that up to now its use has been restricted largely to high volume industrial production.

While not having had any major problems with the materials and production methods we have been using up to now, its obviously important to improve upon existing products and the use of high end vinyl ester not only provides far greater chemical resistance than other lesser vinyl ester and polyester systems, but also means mouldings that are lighter and stronger than those made using lower spec resins.

We are unable to provide the lowest prices you might find for composite fuel tanks, but can confidently say we are perhaps the only low volume composite producer in the world able to provide a GRP fuel tank that is fully resistant to methanol. Low volume producers have struggled to make methanol resistant tanks for many years, and nearly all commercial efforts have ended in failure, due to inappropriate resin systems and processing methods being used.

2010 high performance Classictrial tanks

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In terms of performance our GRP mouldings are both lighter and stronger than cheaper alternatives, and it seems ridiculous to spend considerable amounts of money on reducing the weight of a competition motorcycle, then fitting a GRP part which in some cases is nearly double the weight it needs to be (our VE traditional TLR tank/seat units, are approx 1.6kg bare).

We also provide a written 6 month guarantee with all GRP mouldings, covering anything other than damage sustained in use, or caused by incorrect fitting. As  an example of this a customer who had problems with a tank, was not only supplied with a new replacement, but we also rectified the original problem, and sent the repaired unit back to him to keep as a spare.

As well as uprating our GRP products for 2010, we are now in a position to offer carbon fibre mouldings for all classic competition applications, which is perhaps the ultimate material in terms of strength/weight ratio, and well worth considering by anyone wanting to build the ultimate machine, and not wanting to compromise performance through reducing build cost.

For 2010 we will also be providing a professional repair service for both GRP and carbon composite mouldings, which in the case of some parts will very often be far less costly than replacement. Finally we recognise the fact that many people with original composite tanks are concerned about the possible effects of ethanol bearing fuels on these tanks (which in some cases may be irreplaceable!), so we are now offering to properly line these tanks, which will mean problems with ethanol bearing fuels can be easily avoided.