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TLR Honda frame modification

Classictrial picture, Honda TLR frames lined up ready for modification.

TLR frames before alteration

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There has been a great deal of interest in the modifications we carry out on the TLR Honda chassis, which are the same as those used by Ian Baker on the TLR200 he used in the 09 UK twin-shock championship series of events.

In stock unmodified form the TLR frame is very good, as it is light compact, and does not suffer from the cracking that is sometimes a problem on frames made from higher spec materials. However the stock steering geometry and footrest position is more biased toward the dual purpose role these bikes were originally intended for, rather than for use in serious competition.

Careful alterations to the steering angle and footrest position of the stock Honda frame, make for very noticeable improvements in handling, and means the bikes are far more suitable for use in serious competition. However for bikes required to fulfill dual purpose roles, it is advisable to retain the stock Honda geometry, and simply fit modern type wide footrests.

On the TLR250 chassis we lower the footrests, and move them forward slightly, which puts a little more weight on the front wheel, which reduces the tendency to lose front end traction to some extent. The 200 rests are moved down and back, but we have found moving the rests more than a certain amount rearwards, is a retrograde step, and something to be avoided.

As well as chassis changes, we can also provide top class powder coat final finishing in most colours. Electroplating is also possible but we would not recommend this for serious competition use as possible cracks can be very difficult to locate, and repair or alteration is obviously impossible without damaging the finish irreparably.

For 2010 we will be offering a complete chassis upgrade package for the Honda TLR, which will consist of frame alterations, finishing in top quality powder coat, and one of our completely new RTL type tank/seat units, which will be supplied complete with an HDPE plastic fuel cell.

As well as the alterations outlined above, we are also able to carry out a simple frame modification to allow fitment of a TM24 Mikuni flat slide carb, which will fit both the TLR200 and 250 using the stock air box.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking to use your bike in serious competition, as we can help in most cases, and on the TLR the chassis modifications provide the ideal starting point for other alterations that can be made over a period of time.