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In the view of Classictrial the TLR200 in modified form is more competitive than the TLR250, whether or not the bigger bike has been altered or not! We have arrived at this conclusion following Ian Baker's very successful season riding his TLR200 in the UK twin-shock championship. Ian finished 3rd in this series, and had it not been for an unforeseen DNF at one round he may well have been the winner overall.

As well as Ian's excellent rides this year, against younger riders on far more sophisticated bikes, we have had several years direct experience of working with and modifying all of the various Honda trials machines. While a very heavily modified and costly TLR250 works reasonably well, its simply not quite as good as the updated TLR200 Ian was riding in 2009!

In standard form the TLR200 is somewhat lethargic, and the handling needs to be sharpened up a little, also the footrest position is wrong. The 250 motors suffer from lack of flywheel weight, which tends to make power delivery very abrupt, which can make grip difficult to find in muddy conditions. As Honda simply fitted the bigger motor to the 200 frame, handling on the 250 can also be rather peculiar in some situations, and this is very noticeable in comparison to well prepared 200.

The 200 in modified form is at the moment the better of the 2 bikes for anyone interested in competing seriously, but the bigger bike can be improved significantly, although as this involves internal modifications to the motors, obviously the cost of this work is very substantial in comparison to the very basic changes that have been carried out on Ian's bike, see outlined on TLR200 conclusions page.

In conclusion it's possible (with our help perhaps!) to buy and build a fully modified and very competitive TLR200, for around about the price being asked for a tidy stock TLR250. For 2010 we intend continuing to improve and refine the TLR200, and are in the process of testing a very special digital ignition, as well as looking at producing limited numbers of competition exhaust systems, based on the prototype systems Ian has been using in 2009.

Ian Baker's TLR200

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ClassicTrial Ian Bakers winning ClassicTrial prepared TLR200.

Prototype TLR digital ignition

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ClassicTrial, prototype TLR digital ignition

*Finally please remember that all of the above information is provided on the strict proviso that any modifications or changes not carried out specifically by Classictrial, are not guaranteed or warranted in any way, and are entirely the responsibility of the individual carrying them out, and that Classictrial are not responsible in any circumstances for  damage or injury, that may occur as a result of poor workmanship*

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