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Trials suspension 2011

Following the introduction of the TY250 Mono in the 1980s, ongoing development of twin-shock rear suspension for Trials use was not something that was given much attention. That's not to say that the twin-shock suspension available today isn't noticeably better than what was being used in the mid 80's, just that it cannot be compared to what’s fitted to modern machinery, which has had the benefit of constant development work.

While it is clearly not possible to build a twin-shock machine that is as light and powerful as a modern bike, it is quite feasible to improve the front and rear suspension so it works a lot more like that fitted to current machinery. However up to now this has been something that only a very few riders have been able to benefit from, as currently its very difficult to find twin-shock suspension that could be compared to an Ohlins unit on a modern machine.

Maxton Suspension here in the UK have been involved with the design and manufacture of very high quality motorcycle suspension systems for many years, which provides a similar level of performance to the very best systems currently available. Maxton are now in the initial development stages of a state of the art Trials suspension system, which hopefully will work very much like suspension fitted to modern machinery.

The development units are based on the T260-C road race shocks, have 18 click rebound adjustment,  and hard anodised alloy bodies, which reduce weight, and mean that servicing is required a lot less frequently. As well as the shocks, cartridge conversions are available to fit all 35mm forks, and for anyone wanting to build the ultimate twin-shock machine Maxton produce 35mm forks using the very latest thinking on front suspension.  

Maxton shock adjuster

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