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Free technical help and info

In response to the greatly increased interest in older trials machinery, and the obvious need for accurate help and information related to the repair, restoration, and modification of these older bikes, we have decided to offer an email help service to anyone who might be having any problems with Honda or Fantic twinshock machinery.

Obviously in some cases we are not going to be able to assist a great deal, and very often from an economic perspective at least it’s simply not viable to properly rebuild an Ebay “project” bike, and this is something that needs to be looked at very carefully before any prospective purchase is actually made.

In the main though we are able to help sort out most of the common problems that are likely to be found on Fantic and Honda trials bikes. However we cannot help with general spare parts, but have provided details of those able to assist with parts on our links page. Please email if you are looking for technical help and advice, as due to pressure of work it’s very nearly always impossible to provide in depth advice over the phone.

Frantic twinshock undergoing a complete refit at Classictrial.

Fantic Twinshock in preparation at Classictrial.

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