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Chassis alterations:

We can help with professional modifications to improve the handling and suspension action of most twinshock trials machines, and in the case of Honda and Fantic, can supply anyone opting for steering geometry changes and footrest relocation, with a lightweight GRP fuel tank at a very attractive price.

All of our changes have been tried and tested in British T/S Championship level competition, and result in very noticeable improvements, that makes older bikes far more effective when used in modern classic competition events. We can carry out modifications on bare frames, or for a small extra charge on complete bikes. It is also possible to assist with powder coating, and altered frames can be returned to UK customers via our courier service, which costs around £20. Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we will try to assist if at all possible.


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Classictrial modified TLR chassis, complete with tank/seat unit

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Engine modifications/upgrades:

Over many years we have been closely involved with repairing, rebuilding and modifying a very wide range of motorcycle engines, and while we are now not able to help with repairs or rebuilds, we can provide some very effective updates, which will improve performance tremendously. Currently we are working on a digital ignition for trials applications, and initial testing has provided very encouraging results.

We have a great deal of specific experience in relation to helping with carburetion upgrades for most T/S machines, and can also assist with OKO carbs for British bike applications, and have found that for anyone who doesn’t still favour 4 ply tyres, or possibly competes in events where efficient carburetion is frowned upon, that a modern carb means tremendous improvements, and is well worth considering.

Please contact us direct for advice regarding engine improvements, but do bear in mind that carrying out modifications to improve performance, is not going to help if the motor is badly worn and is suffering from many years of neglect, or has possibly recently been “rebuilt” by someone who hasn’t done the job properly.

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OKO carb for 249cc Fantic

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Specialist welding repairs/fabrication:

If you need any specialist welding repairs or small parts fabricated, then we are able to help in most cases, and can often repair damaged parts which others might suggest are irreparable.

We are able to deal with repairs to alloy, steel, and magnesium components, and very often we can also assist with the repair of cast iron parts, using a micro fusion welding process, which in general is far more effective than the more conventional repair processes.

However we are not able to help with parts that have already had poor quality repairs carried out, as in many cases this doubles the amount of work involved, and many customers are not happy to meet these additional costs.

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Razor blades TIG welded together.

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GRP manufacture and repair:

We are now in a position to help with manufacture of small batches of very high quality GRP mouldings, and also offer a unique specialist repair service related to damaged GRP fuel tanks, which otherwise be might be irreparable. One off and prototype parts are also not a problem, but obviously costs are greater in relation to these items.

The company that produces our GRP parts, using original patterns supplied by ourselves, has been involved with composite manufacture for many years, so you can rest assured that problems resulting from poorly laminated mouldings, made using cheap materials and inappropriate production methods, are highly unlikely.

As well as the more common polyester resin systems, we also work with vinyl ester and epoxy systems, which in some circumstances are far more suitable for a particular application, than the much less costly polyester resins. Dual colour mouldings are not a problem, and sometimes mean lower cost and a more durable finish than subsequently painting a GRP moulding.

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Classictrial Seeley Honda grp tank cover

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Alloy fuel tank manufacture:  

Finding someone able to produce high quality alloy motorcycle fuel tanks, reliably and within a reasonable space of time is something that is extremely difficult. While obtaining a single tank is certainly feasible (if sometimes waiting several weeks/months for delivery is not a major problem!), getting a small run production batch of say 10 made, may well be much, much harder.

For anyone needing small batches of top quality alloy tanks manufactured, we  are now able to help, and can supply fully finished tanks within a very reasonable time frame, using tooling made from an original tank provided by our customer as a pattern. This means there is no need to wait months for tanks to be produced, and repeat orders can be satisfied even faster!

In terms of quality, our producer manufactured all of the alloy fuel tanks supplied to the Foggy Petronas WSB team, which means that clearly superior products are not a problem, and this linked to a speedy and reliable service, and very reasonable prices, means it would be well worth contacting us to outline your specific requirements.

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Foggy Petronas FP1 WSB

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Piston manufacture:  

Anyone who needs a piston that is longer produced by the OE manufacturer or needs something for a special application, either has to contend with the possibly questionable quality of cheap aftermarket parts, or is going to need to adapt parts intended for other applications.

We have found that quality OE pistons for Fantic 212 and 249cc machines are now almost impossible to get hold of, so have commissioned the manufacture of small batches of these. The UK company that made these for us, have been making pistons for many years, and can supply just about anything, ranging from a set of special custom made pistons for a DFV Cosworth hill climb motor, down to helping us with our Fantic trials pistons.

While in the main being primarily interested in producing small batches of forged pistons for 2T applications, our manufacturer may also be able to assist with one offs and specials, and upgrades or modifications to older piston designs are not a problem. Please contact us with your exact requirements, but do bear in mind that while we are able to help with very high quality lightweight forged pistons, we cannot assist with cheap mass produced cast pistons, whose use may be questionable in serious competition conditions.  

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Forged 2T pistons

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Restoration services:  

We offer a professional restoration service for all classic competition machinery, and as well as being able to cope with relatively simple cosmetic issues, we are able to assist with the manufacture of impossible to find parts, that may be needed on less common machinery.

Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we may well be able to assist. However we cannot assist with the budget priced cosmetic “restorations” that may be required by some people, and its worth bearing in mind that a proper restoration job may well cost 2-3 times the value of the finished machine if its condition is very poor initially.

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Rare Mecatechno Skywalker before restoration

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Finally please feel free to contact us at if any of the above services are of any interest, as we would be pleased to assist if at all possible.

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Mecatechno after Classictrial restoration

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