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Project 200 conclusions

After a year we have arrived at  a set up that has provided what is perhaps the ultimate TLR 200 Honda! The finished bike now works very well indeed, and has been ridden by Ian Baker in several British twin-shock championship events.

We have looked very carefully indeed at the stock bike, and development has been carried out along the lines of modifying the existing parts where possible, and only changing items that are obviously compromising the proper performance of the bike.

Firstly its clear that the stock Honda chassis works very well indeed, with properly carried out modifications to the steering angle, and relocating the footrest mounting position. However the steering alterations in particular must be carried  very precisely, to achieve the best possible results.

Performance of the TLR200 motor in standard form leaves a lot to be desired if the bike is to be used in serious competition. The motor in our project bike is now far more usable than the much more popular (and expensive!), TLR250, even though the spec remains quite close to standard.

The changes to the motor basically have involved upgrades to intake and exhaust systems. On the intake side we have a specially set up 24mm OKO carb fitted to a custom made intake manifold, and this breathes through a carefully fabricated alloy air box.

The exhaust is  upgraded through using a one off large capacity back box, which certainly does little for the bikes looks, but makes a great deal of difference to how it runs! Exhaust systems on 4T trials machines seem to very often get overlooked, and good systems that actually work seem very hard to find.

In conclusion the TLR200 in modified form is a bike that works very well indeed, and there is no real need to spend significantly more money on a TLR250, as with a few pretty basic changes the 200 is the better of the 2 machines, and there are also no issues relating to the need to reline the cylinder if the bore is badly worn, which is the case on the TLR/RTL250 cylinders which are too thin to be safely re-bored.

Finally we would be pleased to help with carrying out the correct chassis changes on your TLR Honda, and can provide advice on carburetion and exhaust upgrades, but cannot supply the parts required as its simply not commercially viable to make the custom parts used on our bike in the  sort of quantity,s needed to bring prices down to a realistic level.  

Ian Baker TLR200 at British Twin-shock round

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Best TLR in the UK?

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 Probably the very best TLR 200 in the country !

Please contact us if you would like more information about improving your own TLR, or are interested in Classictrial chassis alterations. We can sometimes help with an exchange chassis, which means no waiting time while we carry out the work required!

*Finally please remember that all of the above information is provided on the strict proviso that any modifications or changes not carried out specifically by Classictrial, are not guaranteed or warranted in any way, and are entirely the responsibility of the individual carrying them out, and that Classictrial are not responsible in any circumstances for  damage or injury, that may occur as a result of poor workmanship*

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