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Polished aluminuim really does improve the appearance of nearly any classic trials machine, and polishing is something that most people can easily carry out themselves without any need for costly equipment, that’s certainly not worth considering for occasional home use.

Up until the time when we obtained a  large professional 3 phase polishing spindle, the majority of polishing work carried out by Classictrial was done with nothing more sophisticated than a 4.5 inch angle grinder, in combination with an inexpensive No 44 polishing kit from Moleroda Finishing Systems Ltd

These kits really do work very well indeed, and with care one kit will cope with all the polishing required on most trials machines. It’s worth remembering though that metal polishing is an extremely dirty job, and is not something to be attempted without considering this first.

The No 44 kit includes abrasive wheels quite able to cope with minor scratches and slight corrosion issues, but additional coarser abrasives may be required if you are dealing with parts in very poor condition, or want to polish roughly finished castings to a high shine.  

Our special TLR exhaust shown here was polished from the dull natural aluminuim finish in the first picture, to the deep shine shown below, using nothing more than a 4.5 inch angle grinder, and the No 44 polishing kit that is available from Moleroda.  Moleroda also supply a wide range of metal finishing products, and are perhaps the only UK source of professional porting equipment used in the preparation of cylinder heads, and 2 stroke port modification work

Metal polishing

 ClassicTrial GRP Tanks and seat unit kit for Honda TLR

Classictrial TLR exhaust unpolished

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ClassicTrial GRP Tanks and seat unit kit for Honda TLR

Final result!

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