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Honda TLR replacement CDI unit

Genuine Honda CDI units to fit the TLR have been unavailable for many years, however the cheap Chinese 5 pin CDI's pictured above will work perfectly, and simply need the Honda wiring loom modified to fit the CDI terminal block pictured above!

Over a period of time the capacitor in a CDI ignition deteriorates (which reduces spark intensity), and even if your TLR still runs fine, a new CDI will improve performance, and make starting easier.

The wiring on the TLR is very simple, and if you obtain a 6 way 2.8mm automotive connector block from Ebay, then the original connections can be removed and the male part of the 6 way connector fitted to the Honda loom.

There are 2 wires from the pulse generator inside the alternator cover, and the yellow and blue wire must be connected to the timing trigger pin shown above, the other green wire from the pulse generator to a good earthing point on the chassis.

The ground pin on the CDI must also be connected to a good earthing point on the chassis, and the original CDI earth near the top of the air box is a good place.

Its best to run a new wire directly to the black terminal on the ignition coil, and this must be connected to the CDI ignition coil pin pictured above. The green terminal on the ignition coil must be connected to earth.

AC power pin on the CDI is connected to the red and black wire from the alternator, and finally the kill switch terminal on the CDI is connected to the Honda kill switch circuit, which generally has a switch which connects the CDI stop pin to earth.

You must get a CDI with the 5 pin configuration shown above, and wiring connections need to be properly soldered, and connection block does need to be sealed with silicone when everything is working correctly.

Please not not try modifying your wiring if you are not confident with soldering, as the wiring changes must be done to a high standard, as problems are almost certain with crimp type connectors, or even worse joining bare wires with insulation tape!

Finally for anyone interested we are investigating the possibility of obtaining CDI units which alter the stock advance curve on the TLR slightly, and allows the motors to rev more freely at the top end. These will fit directly to existing TLR wiring looms, with no need to modify or alter anything.

Chinese 5 pin CDI unit

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ClassicTrial picture, Chinese 5 pin CDI unit showing connection detail, click to enlarge, click pop-up to close.

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