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Fuel tank corrosion

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Classictrial GRP Fantic tank

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The fact that ethanol enhanced fuel is now starting to become far more common here in the UK, has meant that issues relating to corrosion of improperly made composite fuel tanks made for off-road machines are presenting some concern to users of these products.

Here at Classictrial we employ the correct materials to make tanks, as well as using production methods used  by the manufacturers of industrial fuel storage tanks. This means our prices are a little higher, but also allows us to confidently offer a 6 month written guarantee on all composite fuel tanks.

Correctly fabricated GRP fuel tanks have been used industrially for decades with no problems whatsoever, and difficulties generally only arise when small scale producers attempt to cut costs by using inappropriate materials and production methods, or when they are simply not aware of the proper way to make these parts.

We have based our production methods and materials on standards defined by UL (Underwriters Laboratory) which is the US based body which regulates the production of industrial fuel storage tanks. These regulations are easily available to anyone who puts quality before reduced production costs, and who is prepared to follow the UL recommendations.

Please do not confuse Classictrial GRP products with cheap and shoddily made items GRP off-road products, as doing so could be a costly mistake, as those who provide such items very rarely offer any sort of guarantee, and are almost certainly not familiar with UL regulations!