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Fantic fatbar yokes

Something that makes most twin-shock bikes feel very old fashioned to ride in comparison to modern bikes are “tiller” yokes, which have the handlebars mounted behind the steering axis, that slow down the steering noticeably and also reduce rider feedback.

The Fantic 240 and 300 both have “tiller” yokes fitted as original equipment, and a popular improvement for these bikes is fitting the top yoke from the rear  kick 200, which have more appropriate bar mount position.

However rear kick 200 yokes are becoming very difficult to find now, and the single bolt design means the fork stanchions are not clamped as tightly as the later tiller yokes, which have twin clamping bolts.

We are now able to modify your existing Fantic “tiller” yokes to accept modern fatbars, which are mounted in the correct position. This is an exchange service, and we will require your original yoke in good condition (no damaged threads or cracks etc), before we can send a modified part.

As well as Fantic yokes, depending on the bike we may well be able to help with other machines, but obviously we would not be able to offer an exchange service on these. Our modified yokes have been tried and tested in serious competition over several years, and provide a cost effective way to improve handling.

Prices start at £100 (exchange) and this price is inclusive of fat bar conversion, final finishing in your choice of powder coat colours, and stainless steel bolts. We can provide highly polished finish, but this is at additional cost.

Fantic fatbar yokes

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