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Here at Classictrial we have been involved with Fantic machinery for many years, starting off in the early eighties with ownership of a 240 Professional, and over the last few years have been helping those wanting to improve and upgrade their Fantic's, with parts, alterations and modifications that actually work, which have all been tested in serious competition. It is worth remembering that while shoddy mass produced replacement parts for older bikes, are certainly better than nothing at all, that in most cases they wont be as good as OE items, and in some cases may well reduce performance significantly!

Most recent developments in regard to Classictrial Fantic parts have been our 300 Professional style alloy competition back boxes (for all twin-shock Fantic's), and a very small run of custom large capacity alloy air-boxes for the 300 Professional. Both of these items result in very noticeable improvements on the bikes they are fitted too, but in the case of the air-boxes may require minor changes to carb set up to achieve best possible results. We are also looking  at making a clutch lightener for the Fantic forward kick motors, that actually works. Making these out of bent up pieces of sheet metal is a complete waste of time, and will result in a clutch that doesn't work as well as stock.

Classictrial modified 240 Fantic

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 ClassicTrial prepared Fantic 240 twinshock.

Fantic: What’s new!

In relation to chassis changes, we are now able to offer to fit the footrest mountings wider apart, which is more involved so does cost more than the basic changes we have been providing up to now, but  means the bike is easier to balance,  and steering is a little more controlled and precise. The steering head angle preferred by good expert level riders is generally much steeper than that which is ideal for less able riders. Recognising that this is the case we are now able to provide a choice in regard to the geometry required. All of our geometry changes are properly carried out on a purpose made alignment jig. In respect of this we would recommend some caution in relation to those offering to do this work very cheaply.

Our lightweight Fantic fuel tanks have recently been updated through the use of a higher spec resin system, which results in a lighter and stronger product, that also has a higher level of resistance to high alcohol fuels. We can also provide our Fantic tanks in carbon/kevlar, which is the ultimate material appropriate for production of an off-road motorcycle composite fuel tank. For riders wanting the ultimate in exclusivity we can provide  one of our aircraft quality alloy tanks, which have several options regarding finish, and a choice of fuel caps. Our base model GRP tanks, carbon/kevlar, and alloy tanks are all less costly and are higher quality than the Spanish made copies of original Classictrial mouldings, which currently cost €500 for a carbon look product! (our aircraft quality alloy tanks are £300!).

Prototype Classictrial competition back box

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Classictrial Fantic 240 prototype rear exhaust box.

The 340 Fantic hybrid is a very capable machine, and is something that works very well in the hands of an expert level rider (or with suitable modifications becomes quite acceptable for less able riders). However a machine we have modified for a customer recently which is a 240 chassis with a later 243 motor fitted, is extremely good, and in our view the 212cc motor is perhaps a better choice for the majority of competitors, as these bikes are easier to ride, and finding grip is a lot less of a problem than with the 249cc motors. The bike pictured here has Classictrial geometry updates, OKO carb kit, auxiliary air box, prototype clutch lightener, GRP fuel tank, and a pre-production version of our  special alloy competition back box.  

Finally on a cautionary note, as Fantic is now perhaps the most popular choice for anyone wanting to compete in serious twin-shock competition, bikes with very shiny paint, which are often very poor mechanically are now appearing on a regular basis. We would strongly recommend prior personal inspection of any used trials machine, before any money changes hands (unless of course the buyer is prepared to pay for a full rebuild as well as the asking price of the bike itself!). Inspection of used classic machines needs to be carried out by someone who knows exactly what they are doing, as its only too easy  to be dazzled by cosmetics, and miss major expensive problem areas.

Special auxiliary air box and OKO carb

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Classictrial Special auxiliary air box and OKO carb

Please feel free to contact us for further information on anything mentioned above, or for general help and advice on anything to do with your twinshock or P65 trials machines. Email us at or phone Chris on 02380 600 850 or alternatively 07761 971 756.

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Classictrial alloy Fantic tank

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Classictrial alloy Fantic