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Classictrial for repair and sale of classic, pre65, twin shock, Honda and Fantic Trials bikes. Located in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. Restoration,  FAQ, links, contacts, projects, articles, tests, sales, advice.

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Please feel free to contact us for further information on anything mentioned above, or for general help and advice on anything to do with your twinshock or P65 trials machines. Email us at or phone Chris on 02380 600 850 or alternatively 07761 971 756.

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 New products and services in 2012

 Honda 200 EVO and Fantic Twinshock Trials bikes for sale

Welcome to the frequently updated Classictrial web pages, which may be of particular interest to anyone with a twin-shock Fantic or Honda trials machine, as well as those who might want to carry out worthwhile alterations to improve/upgrade any other make of twin-shock or P65 trials machine.

To make the Classictrial pages easier to browse and less cluttered, we will soon be putting an entirely new  “Trial-Workshop” site online, which will provide full details of products available, and of all the services and upgrade packages we currently  have available.

The technical information provided here pre-supposes a basic understanding of the use of simple hand tools, and where there are possible issues with safety if alterations outlined  are not carried out correctly, this is made very clear, and we would suggest that the work is carried out professionally.

As well as our individual “Trial-Workshop” upgrade parts and services for Fantic and Honda we are able to supply comprehensive modification packages for these machines, and are sometimes  able to alter complete bikes if they are in reasonable mechanical condition, and do not require in depth rebuild work.

We are always interested in used parts for Fantic and Honda, and these parts are either used to help build high quality machines for customers, or in the case of frames as core units so we can provide an exchange service in relation to chassis alterations. Sometimes we can carry out modifications, or supply new parts in exchange for used, so please contact us if you have anything surplus to requirements.

If you need accurate technical help and or advice on twin-shock  or P65 machinery, then please email, as we are always happy to assist and hopefully can provide helpful responses to most questions, or often direct you to someone who can help. Please take a look at our Trial-Workshop pages if you are interested in our range of specialist products, or would like more information on upgrade packages.

Seeley Honda tank cover, complete with correct decals

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ClassicTrial picture, Seeley Honda tank cover, complete with correct decals, click to enlarge click pop-up to close.
The development of older trials bikes seems to have  been hampered by the fact that unit costs seems to have come well before function in the case of many aftermarket items. However there is still some resistance to the adoption of modern parts such as digital ignitions and carburetion, even though at least in the world of P65 machines, ridiculously costly upgrades such as “cassette” forks are now commonplace!

However less competitive riders taking part in easier events, have no need whatsoever to consider upgrading or improving original type machinery, or building state of the art bikes. This is something that does need to be looked at very carefully before opting to make changes, or getting involved with building a bike, which invariably costs a lot more than original estimates, and may well not perform as well as expected.

Raptor TLR200 Ti footrest kit

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ClassicTrial picture, Raptor TLR200 Ti footrest kit, click to enlarge click pop-up to close.

New 240 Fantic 6mm alloy bash plate

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ClassicTrial picture, New 240 Fantic  6mm alloy bash plate, click to enlarge click pop-up to close.

TLR 213, during initial testing

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ClassicTrial picture, TLR 213, during initial testing, click to enlarge click pop-up to close.

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